Having healthy, vibrant relationships with one's self, others, and God is what life's all about.  It creates joy, peace, and satisfaction in life.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that these kinds of relationships don't simply come naturally.  They require certain emotional and relational skills and abilities (e.g., regulation of one's emotion, the ability to communicate effectively and resolve conflict).

These skills and abilities used to be taught in our families and reinforced in our communities.  Sometimes that’s still the case, but our families and society are often increasingly busy and disconnected in a way that fails to pass the skills on or reinforce them when necessary.  As a result, you see everything from teenagers breaking up with people on Facebook to adults dealing with addiction, depression, or simply the inability to handle the difficult circumstances of life.

Many schools, communities, and churches recognize these trends and want desperately to reverse them.  Dr. White is passionate about coming alongside these communities to help fill in the gaps left by our busy, disconnected culture, enabling people to create and maintain healthy, vibrant relationships with themselves, others, and God.

Dr. White is available for workshops and seminars on topics such as:

  • Why Weight? The real ins and outs of weight management and weight loss
  • Stress Management: How to survive and thrive in tough times
  • Parenting: Encouraging praise and establishing discipline
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why emotions are a gift and how to live accordingly
  • Premarital Counseling or Marriage Enrichment
  • Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace
  • Spiritual Development: Mapping out the Christian journey

Dr. White specializes in creating fun, experiential workshops and seminars that aim to provide both new information and opportunities for transformation.  She particularly enjoys working with adults and couples, wanting to help them grow emotionally, relationally, and spiritually so that they can lead fuller, richer lives. 

Contact her today to set up an event at your church, school, or community!

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