Holistic Success: How to Dance Through Life with the Abandon of a Child and Skill of a Master

Sometimes it feels like we have two left feet. In one area of life or many, we stumble, get off-beat, and possibly even trip the "dancers" around us. In this book, we want to help you trade those two, tired, clumsy, left feet for the skilled, smooth movements of an expert dancer AND the carefree, spontaneity of a dancing child. Here's how:

  • Covering each of the main areas needed for holistic success in life, including the mind, body, heart, relationships, work and finances; 
  • Explaining the 3 most critical tips for success in each area; 
  • Providing actual exercises for application and practice. 

As two clinical psychologists who have lived, taught, and walked others through these places, we're ready to help you dance toward true holistic success and happiness today!

Effective Communication

Do you struggle to share your thoughts and feelings with others? Perhaps you get tongue-tied when talking to your boss or co-workers.  Maybe you end up stuffing your feelings with friends and loved ones, or simply having the same, unproductive conversations again and again while still getting nowhere.  Alternatively, you may be the kind of person who explodes when your feelings finally do come out.  Whatever it looks like for you, do you desire to have more productive, meaningful, and transformative conversations with others?

Many of us need to learn or re-learn skills and strategies for effective communication. Some of us never learned them at all, while others have simply gotten out of practice due to the changing skills and strategies for communicating in the digital age.  Wherever you fall on this spectrum, you can improve your communication skills simply by reviewing and practicing the step-by-step process contained in this book.

Specifically, this book will enable you to have effective, productive, and meaningful conversations by breaking basic communication skills down into a step-by-step process.

  • Step 1 involves checking your attitude to make sure you are in the right state of mind to start a conversation.
  • Step 2 walks you through how to make a specific plan for a successful conversation.
  • Step 3 gives you a five point formulate for skillful self-expression.
  • Step 4 teaches you how to listen with an attentive and responsive posture.
  • Step 5 provides directions for you to practice these skills and strategies so that you can engage them when the time comes.

That’s all it takes!  This book will teach you how to walk through each of these steps and provide you ample opportunity to practice.  You can learn to be an effective communicator with your friends, co-workers, partner, or children—even in the most intense, conflicted, and emotional situations!

Available by request. Contact Dr. White for more information.

“Dr. White has given us a clear and practical guide for effective personal communication in an impersonal age of technology.  This is a much needed resource for emotional well-being today.” -Mark W. Baker, Ph.D., Executive Director of La Vie Counseling Centers and author of “Jesus, the Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived”